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DBM Optix offers a full range of engineering services, especially optical design from plastic materials such as PMMA, PC or Silicone.

DBM Optix has the best resources for performing high performance optical designs for all types of light sources including incandescent and LED.

We also have expertise in the design of light guides and the integration of diffusing textures, paying particular attention to aesthetic results while respecting the photometric values required by standards or laws.

During the optical design phase, we consider the constraints related to mold design and process conditions. The development is based on the proprietary software of DBM Reflex “SIMOPTICS”.

Feasibility reports include light appearance images, ISOcandela grids, IES files and photometric maps based on SAE and ECE and other automotive standards.

We consider that a theoretical performance design is useless if it can not be manufactured in good conditions

Our main strengths are:

  • The ability to provide powerful designs beyond competition.
  • The guarantee of photometric results on final physical parts.

Therefore many US patents have been granted for our designs over the last 10 years.

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