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Thanks to the technological resources of DBM Optix and DBM Reflex, we can produce optical lenses dedicated to LEDs light sources, for all kinds of industrial and commercial application fields.

We can cover all the necessary phases, from optical design to manufacturing, with the most advanced technologies.

The different steps are as follows:

  • Optical design
  • Mold manufacturing
  • Electroforms and optical inserts
    (Fresnel, microstructure, texture, reflex reflector)
  • Molding of plastic optical components
  • Mechanical, ¬†machined or laser cutting of plastic injection gates.
  • Inspection and quality control in a photometric laboratory

Here are some examples of applications for which we have developed optical designs that meet the highest standards:

Architectural Indoor using LED sources

  • Downlights.
  • Wallwashers.
  • Asymmetric wallwashers.
  • Wall mounted uplights.
  • Linear fluorescent high-bays, indirects, directs/indirects.
  • HID high-bay and low-bay reflectors.
  • Retail display lighting.
  • Emergency display lighting.

Architectural Outdoor using LED sources

  • Type I, II,¬† III, IV, V roadway and area lighting lenses.
  • Under canopy lighting with lenses.
  • Floodlights for horizontal, vertical and spot distributions.
  • Sign / Billboard lighting reflectors and lenses.
  • Landscape lighting floodlights for a range of lamp types.


  • Aircraft landing lights.
  • LED based aircraft identification lights.
  • Runway approach lights.
  • Airfield signal lights.
  • Temporary airfield identification lights.
  • LED based interior cabin lighting.


  • Minor surgical light with LEDs.
  • LED surgical headlamps.
  • LED based dental exam light.
  • Equipment panel indicator light pipe.
  • Syringe capsule illumination device.
  • UV based sterilization devices.
  • IR based radiant heat reflector.

Signaling using LED sources

  • Fire alarm strobe lights.
  • Fresnel refractor beacon lights.
  • Wall mounted nurse call lights..
  • Roadside message boards.

Automotive using LED sources

  • Headlamps with reflector and based optics.
  • Taillights with reflector and based optics.
  • Refractor based taillight optics.
  • Interior cabin lighting.

Consumer Products

  • LED replacement lamps (PAR, MR, A).
  • Headlamps for climbing, bicycle and recreation
  • Electronic devices using lightpipe with LEDs sources.
  • LED based desk and floor lamps.


  • UV sterilization devices.
  • UV adhesive curving device using LEDs.
  • Plant growth lights with HID reflector.
  • Plant growth lights with LED lenses.
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