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SPE Auto innivation awards

As seen on SPE INNOVATION AWARDS website !

This is the first application of a single-collimator, all-plastic molded lens for both low and high beam LED headlamp applications replacing glass.

The efficient optical lens provides stylists with a new level of design freedom and vs. multi-lens designs save approximately $5 USD/vehicle.

A special optical grade of PC material was used for optical efficiency; a multi-shot injection molding process forms the 45-mm thick lens, whose surface tolerances must be held within 40 ?. Cycle times vs. glass are significantly reduced as well.


Ford Motor Co. 2015 Ford F-150 pickup

Material Processor:
DBM Reflex

System Supplier:
Ventra Plastics Div. of Ventra Group Inc. /Flex-N-Gate Corp.

 Material Supplier:
Bayer MaterialScience

Makrolon LED 22.4.5 PC

Tooling/Equipment Supplier:
DBM Reflex

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